Scrisoarea de la Hanovra

Nu am reusit sa strang pana acum, in ciuda tuturor eforturilor pe care le-am facut, in ciuda tuturor eforturilor celor care s-au implicat, decat aproape 10.000 de euro (adica mai putin de un sfert din suma pe care mi-au fixat-o cei de la clinica INI din Hanovra) – deci nu am reusit sa respect programarea initiala, cea pentru a treia saptamana din noiembrie (15-20 noiembrie). Prin urmare, le-am telefonat celor de la Clinica VIPMED din Bucuresti (doamnei Andreea Roman), care intermediaza legaturile pacientilor romani cu clinicile din Europa si am cerut o reprogramare si o estimare de cost. Cu promptitudinea tipic germana, cei de la Clinica din Hanovra mi-au trimis, a doua zi dupa ce am luat legatura cu ei, prin intermediul Clinicii Vipmed, scrisoarea pe care o redau mai jos, in care apare data reprogramarii: 10 ianuarie 2011 si suma (estimativa) pe care trebuie sa le-o virez in cont: 50.000 de euro.

Neurosurgery President:
Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h. c. mult. M. Samii

Tel.: +49 (0)511 – 270 92 – 157
Fax: +49 (0)511 – 270 92 – 1 54

Hannover, November 12th , 2010

Dear Mrs. Raducea,

Prof. Fahlbusch has recommended, that you receive clinical treatment in the International Neuroscience Institute.

As the date for hospital admission we have reserved

Monday, January 10th , 2010 9.00 am.

The total costs for your hospital stay (app. 2-3 weeks), diagnostic, surgery and necessary medical examinations will amount to approximately

€ 50.000,-.

This amount must be deposited in our bank account prior to admission or covered by a cost letter from the embassy.

You may arrange for a transfer of the deposit to:

Account Holder: INI Hannover GmbH
Bank: Sparkasse Hannover
Account Number: 85 81 88
Bank Code: 250 501 80
IBAN : DE04 2505 0180 0000 8581 88
Patientname : …..

Please inform us one week before your definite admission if you will arrive on the set date.

To avoid any problems we would kindly ask you to bring proof of payment with you on the day of admission.

Please note that we have to charge you the banking fees if you pay the deposit by credit card.

If there is any remaining amount of your deposit this would, of course, be refunded to you with the final invoice 3 months after hospital discharge. For this purpose and further correspondence, please give us your exact mailing address and your banking details.
– 2 –

Please note that accompanying persons can only be accommodated in the patients’ rooms, if it is medically necessary.

The costs for accompanying persons (room and board) are not covered by the deposit and must be paid by the accompanying person(s) themselves at the time of arrival.
All accommodation costs for accompanying persons must be paid for at the time of departure. Payment can be effected in cash or by credit card. In order to guarantee a smooth transaction of the payment please inform your bank in order to be able to exceed your daily credit limit.

Please let me also know which kind of room you would prefer (single-room,
2-bed room or 3-bed-room). The check out time on your discharge day is latest 10:00 a.m.

Please confirm your date of admission as soon as possible.
Please note that in case of not confirming we will have to cancel your admission for logistic reasons.

Important: In case you take analgesics, do not take acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin) 10 days before admission! Avoid anticoagulant medication! That you have take any oral antidiabetics , such as Metformin, please contact your general practitioner first.

We can organize a limousine service on request for you.

Also in case you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me by phone 0049-511-27092-157, fax -154 or e-mail (

With best regards,

Boris Kraft
INI Hannover GmbH


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